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Magen Biotech’s Pioneering Solution: Free Circulating DNA Extraction Made Effortless

Magen Biotech introduces a game-changing solution with its HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit, designed to extract free circulating DNA with unparalleled efficiency and ease. This innovative kit is specially crafted to purify circulating nucleic acids from human plasma, serum, or urine, enabling researchers and clinicians to access crucial genetic information for in vitro diagnostic purposes. With Magen Biotech’s expertise in molecular biology, the HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit opens up new possibilities in the field of DNA extraction, offering precise and reliable results for a wide range of applications.

Ensuring Precision and Efficiency: The Silica Column Purification Principle by Magen Biotech

At the core of Magen Biotech’s HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit lies the silica column purification principle, a proven method for separating nucleic acids from complex biological samples. By leveraging this innovative technology, Magen Biotech guarantees high-quality DNA extraction with minimal contamination, ensuring the purity and integrity of the extracted genetic material. Researchers can rely on the efficiency and precision of the silica column purification process to achieve consistent and reproducible results, setting a new standard in free circulating DNA extraction.

The Superiority of Magen Biotech’s HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit C (Vacuum Protocol)

Magen Biotech’s HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit C, featuring a vacuum protocol, stands out for its exceptional performance and reliability in DNA extraction. With a focus on delivering high yield, concentration, purity, and recovery rates, this kit offers researchers a comprehensive solution for accessing free circulating DNA with maximum efficiency. The low elution volume ensures a concentrated nucleic acid sample, while the advanced purification method eliminates inhibitors and protein contaminants, guaranteeing a clean and pristine DNA extract for downstream applications. Trust in Magen Biotech’s HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit C to streamline your free circulating DNA extraction process and accelerate your research goals.


Magen Biotech’s HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit series represents a breakthrough in free circulating DNA extraction, offering researchers and clinicians a reliable and efficient solution for accessing valuable genetic information. By leveraging innovative technologies like silica column purification and vacuum protocols, Magen Biotech ensures precision, purity, and high yields in DNA extraction, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the field. Choose Magen Biotech for cutting-edge free circulating DNA extraction solutions that empower you to unlock the full potential of genetic analysis and diagnostic applications.

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