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Empowering the Grid: Tecloman’s utility scale Batteries

In the realm of energy storage, utility scale batteries have emerged as a transformative solution to meet the increasing demands of the grid. Tecloman, a pioneering leader in the industry, introduces its cutting-edge 250 kW Power Conversion System, specifically designed for utility scale energy storage applications. With its robust features and advanced capabilities, Tecloman’s solution is set to revolutionize the way we harness and manage energy on a large scale.

Unmatched Flexibility and Support

Tecloman’s 250 kW power conversion system offers unparalleled versatility in addressing the dynamic requirements of utility scale energy storage. Built with a built-in isolation transformer, this system can seamlessly connect with three-phase 100% unbalanced loads, providing exceptional compatibility. Moreover, its multi-machine parallel connection capability enables the customization of power levels to meet diverse energy needs. Whether it’s frequency support, voltage support, or inertia support, Tecloman’s solution ensures a reliable and stable grid infrastructure.

Reliability in Any Environment

Tecloman understands that utility scale energy storage must perform optimally under various conditions. With its 250 kW power conversion system, Tecloman guarantees wide temperature operation, encompassing an impressive range of -25°C to 55°C. The system’s resilience extends even to extreme environments, such as highly humid or salt-spray-prone areas. Furthermore, Tecloman’s integration of an energy management system (EMS) allows for intelligent management and control, enabling users to tailor the system’s operation to their specific requirements.

Tecloman’s utility scale batteries, like the 250 kW Power Conversion System, revolutionize energy storage on a grand scale. With flexibility, a wide temperature range, and robust capabilities, this solution enhances grid management, reliability, and resilience. Tecloman’s commitment to innovation sets a new standard in utility scale energy storage. Embrace the future with Tecloman’s utility scale batteries.

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