How to Crop & trim Screen Recorded Video Online with Windows 10

screen recording is one thing. Editing, cropping and trimming are another. There is a way to remove unwanted areas from the video without compromising video quality. There are many reasons we might need to trim or cut the video. However, most people don’t know the best video editor for Windows 10. This article will provide details on video editing software/apps that can be used online to crop and edit recorded videos. Let’s get started!

Crop, Trim & Split

First, let’s understand the difference between these terms. Crop, Trim & Split. Many people don’t know much about technical terms and think all three terms are simply different names for the same thing. No! Video editing is a process that uses all three terms. Let us explain!

Crop is a method of cropping a frame to eliminate unwanted areas or to focus on an object.

Trimming: Cutting a video’s excessive length is what refers to.

Split : This allows you to keep all the parts of your video intact and split it into two sections.

, an Android and iSO phone application that allows you to record your screen and then edit it. It’s also a simple Online desktop screen recorder.

Here’s a suggestion for the best online platform to crop your screen-recorded video footage.


Simpleness is always preferred. Filelab is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to edit and enhance your video. You can also make your video more appealing and unique for viewers by using many other amazing options. This platform also allows you to start with the right package plans and has a simple workflow.

Video Toolbox

Video Toolbox is another recommendation. It is free online. This editor is easier and more efficient. You can still use all functions to crop, cut and trim your video. You can also add filters to your video and create special effects. You can also adjust the entire audio track through this online platform. This software has a simple and precise workflow.


This is another excellent platform for video editing. It allows users to access their work quickly and easily. This website is a great way to quickly crop a video or cut a photo. This website is completely free and offers many special effects that can make your video more interesting. This is the best option to remember if you are looking for a quick edit on a video online.

Clideo is also recommended by many experts as a place to access online video editing. The cropping tool is extremely efficient and time-saving. These sizes can be used for social media. It will allow you to quickly get a right square. This platform saves lives by allowing you to upload and edit any type of video.

App Screen Recorder

We’re confident that you’ll be able to decide which app is best for your workflow after reading this recommendation. However, we recommend going back to the screen recorder. We are here to help you find the best online screen recording tool. The app screen recorder is a great option for your smartphone to achieve the best workflow. You can customize the cropping process and use many offline editing programs without losing the original quality of your video.

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