Dragon Tiger And 4 Experiences Of Playing Unbeaten At The House New88

Dragon Tiger – The game is full of drama and fun, being the focus of young people who love charm and luck. With the continuous development of technology, this game has transformed from a traditional casino in Cambodia into an online version in Cambodia. dealer New88. This has brought greater convenience and reward opportunities to players, as well as created a more vibrant and realistic entertainment space than ever before.
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With a team of professional Dealers, attractive payment rates, and quick deposit and withdrawal capabilities, New88 is becoming the top destination for those who love Dragon Tiger games. Join us to experience today and discover the interesting things this game brings in the content below.

Overview of the game Dragon Tiger

The Dragon – Tiger game, also known in English as Dragon Tiger, originated from real casinos in Cambodia. The land of pagodas and towers is also where this card game became popular and became a trend on online betting platforms today.

In recent years, players have mostly favored the online version because it is convenient and offers the opportunity to receive higher rewards. In particular, this form of entertainment combines the inherent excitement of Dragon Tiger and the participation of real human Dealers, making it even more exciting and bustling.

The game still uses a standard deck of cards with a total of 52 cards, not requiring participants to compete directly with the dealer. Instead, the chance of winning lies entirely in betting on either Dragon or Tiger, the way of playing is similar to the game Baccarat.

Advantages of Dragon Tiger online at the bookmaker New88

With breakthrough developments in the field of technology, bookmakers have quickly transformed the game into a form of online card game with prizes. New88 is no exception to this trend, we promptly deployed the online Dragon – Tiger version. Thanks to that, players can save time, do not need to travel to traditional casinos and comfortably enjoy the game with outstanding advantages such as:

  • New88 is a bookmaker that fully complies with legal regulations, bringing absolute peace of mind to players. You can comfortably experience it and not need to worry about issues related to legal risks.
  • The payout coefficient being applied at Dragon Tiger New88 game is higher than many other units. This gives gamblers the opportunity to make more money. Not only that, we also offer many incentives for you to enjoy playing casino with bonus capital.
  • Dealer’s New88 Not only is he good at game coordination techniques, but he also has a beautiful appearance and is affable in the way he communicates with players. This makes the brothers increase their interest in betting.
  • System of New88 also supports quick deposits and withdrawals thanks to direct links with most major domestic banks. Players can easily manage their finances and enjoy the experience of playing Dragon – Tiger in the most comfortable and convenient way.

Learn the rules of the online Dragon Tiger game

All the diverse rules and betting systems create an interesting and exciting Dragon Tiger playing experience for participants. To know how to play Dragon Tiger, you should read the rules carefully to try your hand at predicting the results to get a chance to win big.

How to calculate points for each card in Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is an interesting game using standard Western cards of 52 cards. This deck of cards is divided into 4 different suits: Hearts, Diamonds, Diamonds and Spades. In each of these suits, you will find cards with values ​​from 2 to 10, along with the appearance of special cards such as J (Buy), Q (Damn), K (Old) and A (Yoke).

  • 9 cards in order from 2 to 10 will receive the value equivalent to the number printed on them.
  • Card A counts 1 point, J counts 11 points, Q counts 12 points and K counts 13 points.
  • The order of value of the cards from low to high is: A < 2 < 3 < 4 < 5 < 6 < 7 < 8 < 9 < 10 < J < Q < K.

Diverse betting system in online Dragon Tiger game

In the Dragon – Tiger online version, players will face a series of basic betting options with detailed descriptions as follows.

  • Dragon Door: This is a bet with a ratio of 1:1, you will win if the total point value of the Dragon card is greater than the Tiger.
  • Tiger Door: Similar to Dragon Door, this is also a betting door with a payout coefficient of 1:1. However, in this case, the player only wins when the total point value of the Tiger card is higher than the Dragon.
  • Draw: This is a special bet with quite attractive odds but rarely happens. The player will win if the total point value of the Dragon and Tiger is equal.
  • Even and odd bets: Players can bet on Dragon with even or odd numbers. If the result matches the prediction, you will win and receive a bonus.

In addition, the online Dragon Tiger game also expands many more complex betting methods compared to the traditional version. The purpose is to increase drama and suspense for participants.

  • You can bet on suits, that is, predict that a specific suit such as Diamonds, Hearts, etc. will appear.
  • Players can also bet by choosing a card value greater or less than 7. Depending on the score, you will have a chance to win when the game result matches the initial prediction.

Experience playing Dragon Tiger has a high win rate

In addition to the basic skills for every online card game such as understanding the rules or maintaining your spirit, you should be equipped with a few of the following tips.
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  • Avoid betting on the Draw result too much because this door in Dragon – Tiger has a low appearance rate, only about 12.5%. Even if you win, you only receive 50% of your bet, so when you lose, you may lose more than you earned.
  • Watching how the Dealer performs the task of dealing cards can help you predict the outcome of the game more easily. Based on this opinion, you can consider placing large amounts of money on games that you think will win and reducing bets on games that you are not confident about.
  • Apply Dragon and Tiger prediction methods that suit your own gambling and prediction habits. Some methods you should try include 1-1 prediction, relying on the flat bridge to find results or paying attention when you see the bridge leaning towards Tiger or Dragon, etc.
  • Learn how to manage your capital properly, such as limiting your playing amount to only 50-70% of your actual amount. In addition, for each bet you should only deposit 2% – 10% of the total capital. In case of a lucky win, you should only reinvest 50% and keep half to increase your planned capital.


Surely, after referring to the article, players will have a comprehensive view Dragon Tiger game and clearly understand the rules of the game being applied at dealer New88. With a commitment to providing a high-class card playing experience, we will ensure players have enjoyable and relaxing moments with Dragon – Tiger through the series of advantages mentioned in the article.

Hopefully, with information about the game rules and valuable experiences, you will gradually find a suitable game plan for yourself. Take advantage of smart strategies to immerse yourself in the space Casino  New88 or download Dragon Tiger game to your device to conveniently experience it!

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