Arowana Shooting: Detailed Instructions for Beginners

Arowana shooting is not only an interesting game but also provides an opportunity to increase income for bettors. To earn the most profit in this game is not simple at all. Let’s discover the secret to playing fish shooting “like a god” from experts New88 veteran right through the article below!
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Introduction to Arowana Fish Shooting

Arowana shooting is a red and black game that brings bettors countless interesting experiences. The game attracts many participants not only because of its attractive content but also its extremely eye-catching interface.

Furthermore, the game’s rules are not difficult, so it is suitable for many types of participants. You just need to master shooting techniques as well as a few hunting tips to be able to destroy the target quickly.

In particular, the money received from the game will be converted into cash or transferred to the fisherman’s bank account. This is a game that both helps relieve stress and brings in a small amount of money that you definitely should not miss.

Strategy for playing Arowana Fish Shooting from experts

How to play Shoot arowana fish not too complicated. However, if you do not understand this game well and do not have a hunting strategy, your chances of winning will be significantly reduced. Let’s explore playing methods from veteran experts right here:

Choose the right playroom

In Arowana Shooting there will be many play rooms with many different levels. If you are a beginner, choosing a room is an extremely important factor. Because it affects your chances of winning.

As a rookie, you should start in the basic room. Once you have enough experience, you can move to a more advanced room to try your hand at professional players. Joining the right room not only increases the odds of winning but also helps gamers avoid the risk of losing money.

Shoot the fish right in the head

Shooting right at the target’s head is the secret to helping fishermen defeat them as quickly as possible. Wait for the fish to appear in groups, then carefully aim and shoot at the prey’s head. However, you should not shoot each animal individually, but in groups. At the same time, use 4 or 5 bullets for best results.

Learn how to use weapons

In the world of the game Shoot Fish, fishermen will have to face many types of bosses and countless diverse sea creatures. Therefore, if you choose the right weapon, you can hunt your prey very easily.

Gamers should learn the uses of each weapon to help defeat targets quickly. Besides, you need to regularly upgrade your weapons to improve your shooting ability. Because the more modern the weapons, the easier it will be for players to face big bosses under the ocean. Therefore, don’t forget to learn how to use guns to optimize your bonuses!

Strategy for playing mustache

The strategy of playing mustache is also commonly applied by many gamers. Many players often only focus on shooting big fish to gain immediate profits. However, you should not apply it this way because it is difficult to kill large fish in the blink of an eye. At the same time, you also quickly run out of bullets to take down small fish.

Please take advantage of the camera angle to kill small fish by continuously rotating the gun barrel. Instead of using 10 bullets to shoot the big boss, take advantage of this amount of bullets to shoot whiskers. Thanks to that, you will destroy small fish quickly and get more bonuses.
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Maintain your mentality

Maintaining a strong mentality is necessary to help bettors increase their chances of increasing their winnings. You should not let external factors affect your mood. Please keep your spirit as comfortable and calm as possible to make the right choice when participating.

Things gamers need to keep in mind when playing Arowana Shooting

To have the most complete experience when participating in Arowana Shooting, players need to pay attention to the following points:

  • When hunting bosses, you must be very persistent. Don’t be hasty and give up because it makes it easy for you to miss out on valuable rewards.
  • Players need to calculate the direction and the appropriate amount of real bullets to not waste resources.
  • You need to research a reputable bookmaker before participating in Arowana Shooting to avoid the risk of fraud and losing money.
  • Do not use guns that are too large to destroy small targets. This can cause gamers to miss the coins they receive and waste their bullets.


Above is the complete information and the Arowana Fish Shooting game. Hopefully through the above sharing, bettors can “pocket” more good ways to play and apply them successfully. Hope everyone has the most relaxing moments in this exciting ocean world!

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