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Synonymous with Good Manufacturers in Portable Power Station: DEENO

DEENO is the world’s leading brand of intelligent management of mobile energy storage, specializing in the manufacture of portable mobile energy storage and portable power stations and solutions for clean new energy. Adhering to the concept of “Digital Intelligent Power Management”, they have made breakthroughs in energy storage management technology. In terms of service attitude, they continue to optimize themselves to provide quality services for more demanders.

Heavyweight team composition

DEENO’s founding team comes from Huawei, BYD, LG, DJI and other companies, with advanced experience in new energy research, chips, electronic control, software automation algorithms, supply chain management, and marketing. These companies are the industries that have the most exposure in daily life, such as cell phones, cars, and drones. These members are better able to know what people need most in their daily lives, so the technologies and algorithms they have researched are applied to portable energy with the highest utilization rate.

Committed to public welfare and charity

They are constantly committed to global public good and philanthropy. At present, a number of portable energy storage devices have been donated to government emergency rescue departments and private rescue organizations in many countries and regions. International donation is not only a good image of the company itself, but also represents the unique charm of the country. In addition, they also offer discounts to nature reserve guards and ngos to purchase DEENO portable energy storage power supplies to support global species conservation and anti-poaching of rare animals. Contributing to the sustainable development of the world.


All in all, with these guarantees, DEENO can be considered not just a manufacturer of energy storage production, but a specialist and a leader in this field.

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