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OEKAN Furniture’s Medical Computer Cart: Streamline Your Healthcare Workflow

In the world of healthcare, efficiency and security are paramount. OEKAN Furniture recognizes this need, and they offer a comprehensive solution with their medical computer cart, specifically designed for the safe and secure transportation of medical files.

Enhancing Document Confidentiality

The medical notes trolley by OEKAN Furniture is not just about convenience; it’s about ensuring the utmost confidentiality of sensitive medical information. This model features a robust locking mechanism, instilling confidence that private and crucial documents are accessible only to authorized individuals.

Customized to Fit Your Space

OEKAN Furniture understands that healthcare environments come in various sizes and layouts. That’s why their medical computer cart is available in two sizes: a narrower version and a wider one with additional storage space. This adaptability ensures that the cart seamlessly integrates into any healthcare setting, from clinics to hospitals.

Versatility Meets Mobility

The medical notes trolley is designed for practicality and ease of use. Equipped with four 125mm castors, including two braked ones, it offers effortless mobility, allowing healthcare professionals to transport important documents quickly and securely. Additionally, the sliding top serves as a convenient work surface for added versatility.


OEKAN Furniture’s Medical Notes Trolley, available in two sizes, is the ideal solution for healthcare facilities looking to streamline their workflow while prioritizing document security. With its lockable design, customized options, and effortless mobility, it’s the perfect addition to any healthcare environment. Trust OEKAN Furniture to provide you with the tools you need to enhance efficiency and confidentiality in your healthcare setting.

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