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Keeping Industrial Operations More Efficient: The TF02-Pro-W LiDAR from Benewake

In the realm of industrial automation, the significance of dependability and accuracy cannot be overstated. When it comes to monitoring the volume of bulk materials, the Benewake TF02-Pro-W industrial LiDAR sensor takes center stage. Specifically designed for industrial environments, this customized single-point LiDAR sensor is tailored to optimize both accuracy and efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for industrial applications.

Innovative Self-Cleaning Technology

At the heart of the TF02-Pro-W’s superior performance lies its innovative self-cleaning technology. Equipped with a squeegee mechanism, this LiDAR ensures continuous accuracy by effectively removing dust and debris from its cover glass. In environments prone to dust accumulation, such as warehouses storing bulk materials, the TF02-Pro-W excels, maintaining impeccable detection accuracy without the need for frequent manual cleaning.

Dust-Free Operation: Ideal for Dusty Industrial Environments

In dusty industrial environments, traditional LiDAR sensors often face challenges in maintaining reliable performance over time. However, Benewake’s TF02-Pro-W overcomes this obstacle with ease. Its dust-free operation capability makes it the ideal choice for applications where dust and debris are prevalent. By eliminating the risk of build-up affecting detection accuracy, this LiDAR ensures uninterrupted operation and peace of mind for industrial operators.


The TF02-Pro-W LiDAR from Benewake is an exemplary industrial LiDAR sensor that showcases remarkable innovation in the field of industrial sensing technology. With its cutting-edge self-cleaning mechanism and ability to operate in a dust-free manner, this sensor not only boosts efficiency but also minimizes maintenance expenses and extends the lifespan of industrial equipment. It is the ideal choice for industries in need of dependable and accurate solutions for bulk material volume monitoring, solidifying its position as the ultimate industrial LiDAR sensor that drives productivity and facilitates success.

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