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EV Charging Station Solutions in the United Kingdom

The demand for electric vehicles (EVs) has been steadily increasing in the United Kingdom, leading to a growing need for efficient and reliable EV charging station solutions. This article will explore some of the options available, focusing on technical vocabulary.

M Certificated Portable + Wall-mounted 2 in 1 EVB Charger

The EVB Portable EV Charger is a convenient, portable, and plug-and-play solution for powering electric cars. It is M certificated, ensuring high-quality standards. With IP65 and V0 fire-rated enclosures, it offers excellent protection against dust and water ingress as well as fire hazards.

Floor-Mounted Split DC EV Charger

This floor-mounted charger provides power ranging from 82kW to 262kW with an IP55 rating. It features split DC charging capability and supports multiple connectors such as CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO, with optional AC charging functionality. Its robust design ensures durability even in challenging environments.

Floor-Mounted 3 Guns DC EV Charger

Similar to the previous model but with three guns instead of split DC charging capability. This charger also supports CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO connectors along with optional AC charging functionality. It offers power outputs from 82kW to 262kW while maintaining an IP55 rating.

T2S AC Wallbox Charger

The T2S AC Wallbox Charger is designed for wall or pole mounting and can operate on both single-phase or three-phase power supplies at either 230V or 400V. With current options ranging from 6A to 32A, this charger is versatile enough to meet various requirements. It is CE, CB, and RCM certificated and features IP66 and V0 fire-rated enclosures for enhanced safety.

Wall-Mounted DC EV Charger

This wall-mounted charger provides power outputs from 20kW to 40kW with an IP54 rating. It operates quietly with a noise level of ≤65dB. Equipped with CSS2 charging capability, it offers efficient charging solutions for electric vehicles in residential or commercial settings.

Efficient EV Charging Station Solutions

In conclusion, the United Kingdom has a range of EV charging station solutions available to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles. These solutions offer various power outputs, mounting options, and connector compatibility while ensuring safety standards are met through certifications such as M certificated, CE, CB, RCM, IP ratings (IP65/IP55/IP54), and V0 fire-rated enclosures.

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