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Bring A Portable High Chair so Baby can Enjoy the Trip : Claesde’s Portable High Chair

Claesde introduces a portable baby high chair designed to cater to the needs of babies aged 0-24 months. This versatile high chair can be used both as a dining chair and a game chair, providing a comfortable and secure seating option for various activities.

Suitable for Dining and Playtime

Claesde‘s Portable Baby High Chair is suitable for both dining and playtime, accommodating the different needs of babies throughout the day. Whether it’s mealtime or playtime, this high chair provides a safe and comfortable space for babies to sit and engage.

Adjustable Back Angles

The high chair features several different angle adjustments for the backrest, ensuring optimal comfort for babies of different ages and stages. With two gears to adjust the back angle, parents can customize the seating position to suit their baby’s preferences and needs.

Easy Disassembly for Convenience

Claesde’s Portable Baby High Chair is designed with ease of use in mind. The chair’s plate can be adjusted back and forth, allowing for easy disassembly and effortless cleaning. This feature ensures that parents can maintain a hygienic environment for their little ones with minimal effort.

Comfortable and Secure Seating

The high chair is designed to provide a comfortable and secure seating experience for babies. The seat is ergonomically designed to support proper posture and ensure the baby’s comfort during mealtime or playtime.


Claesde’s portable baby high chair is a versatile and convenient solution for parents looking for a comfortable and safe seating option, for their children to choose Claesde’s high chair so that they can eat with peace of mind and play so that the baby can entertain itself.

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