Instructions on how to participate in New88 coin toss for new players

If you are a person who is passionate about red and black betting, you should not ignore coin tossNew88 because the winning rate is extremely high. However, for those who have just joined, they are probably still quite confused and don’t know how to participate. Therefore, in the article below we will give more detailed instructions.
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What is Xoc Dia New88?

Xoc Dia is one of the most attractive betting games in Vietnam and was developed online by bookmaker New88. So, with just a smartphone, you can participate whenever you want and look for opportunities to bring in huge profits.

Basically, this game will use 1 cup, 1 plate and 4 pieces similar to real life, which are shaken up by Dealers. Your task is quite simple, just predict whether the result will be even, odd or tails, then place a bet and wait to compare.

However, there is one special thing about New88 coin toss: the payout rate offered by the house for each bet is higher than in real life. For that reason, many players prefer it because it is easy to earn huge income.

Rules of New88 coin toss you need to pay attention to

After understanding what coin toss is, if you want to participate smoothly, you need to learn more about the rules of the game. Because if you violate the rules, you will not be rewarded by the house. Accordingly:

  • Normally, each game will have a specified time, so you need to be careful when placing bets or your order will be rejected.
  • Even number: If you choose to bet on this number when the result appears 2 white 2 red or 4 white 4 red, it means you will make a profit.
  • Odd door: In case of choosing this door, if you want to win enough money, request the result after the Dealer announces 1 red 3 white or vice versa.
  • Color betting: For this form, you do not need to care about parity. Accordingly, you only have 4 options: 4 white 4 red or 1 white 3 red, 3 white 1 red.
  • In particular, the payout ratio for this bet is quite attractive, 1 to 12 for 4 white 4 red, on the contrary, 1 white 3 red or 3 white 1 red will only receive 3.5 times the amount.

How to participate in playing coin toss at bookmaker New88 in detail

Once you understand the rules of the game and want to participate in New88 coin toss betting, please follow the instructions below. Accordingly:

Step 1: Register a betting account

To participate in betting you need to open your own account, basically there is nothing complicated. You just need to follow these steps:
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  • First, visit the house’s homepage and select the registration section.
  • Next, fill in all personal information as required.
  • Finally, just check again and click Finish to have your betting account.

Step 2: Proceed to deposit money into the game account

If you want to participate in New88 dice betting, the most important thing is to have money in your account, so you should follow these instructions:

  • First, please log in to your game account.
  • At the interface, click on deposit => Payment method via bank.
  • Next, open the Banking app on your phone and fill in the recipient’s information and the desired amount.
  • Then check everything again and click confirm to finish.

Step 3: Choose New88 dice game

In this step, you also log in to your betting account on the house’s homepage. Then, at the interface, click on the casino and countless different game titles will appear such as: Baccarat, Mau Binh, Poker,… click on the coin toss game.

Step 4: Perform betting operations

After you have found the game, choose the appropriate bet that you think will bring huge profits. Next, invest an arbitrary amount of capital within the specified time and wait for the Dealer to shake.

Step 5: Compare and receive rewards

Finally, when the betting time ends, the Dealer will shake and announce the results immediately afterward. You just need to compare with the bet you placed, if you predict correctly, the money will be added to your game account immediately.

Revealing wise tips for playing New88 coin toss

In order for the process of participating in playing coin toss at the house to bring huge profits, it is important to gain some extremely important experience. Below are a few good tips shared by experts that you can refer to and apply, guaranteed to win big. Accordingly:

  • Please rely on the previously opened results table to analyze the appearance rules of each door to ensure more accurate predictions.
  • One of the next good tips is that you should apply the only 1-step strategy. Because once it appears as predicted, you will earn both principal and interest.
  • In coin toss, dividing the capital to bet on multiple doors often brings high efficiency. However, you should calculate carefully so that when you win, you still have extra profits.
  • When participating in online coin tossing, you absolutely should not go all in on one bet, this is to limit the risk of losing all your capital after just one bet.


Thus, through the content of the above article, we have detailed instructions for you on the simplest way to participate in playing New88 dice. Along with that are good tips from experts, hoping to help you bring yourself huge profits when participating in this attractive game at the house.

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