How can I fix Canon Printer Not Responding Issues?

Canon is a well-known Japanese company that makes cameras and imaging equipment. The company also makes copier gadgets and printers. There are many models and sizes of Canon printers. These devices are easy to set up and use. Your Canon can be connected via cable or wirelessly. Canon devices can be reliable, but users sometimes have problems with Canon printers.

Common reasons Canon printers are not responding error

  1. A runtime error occurs when printing job is completed
  2. Invalid printer settings
  3. The driver is not found by the printer
  4. The Canon printer cannot be connected
  5. The firewall is interfering with the printer connection
  6. Some Canon services are no longer available
  7. Empty ink cartridge
  8. The cartridge is not being recognized by the printer

How to resolve Canon printer not responding error

Restart your PC

If your printer device does not respond to your commands, you can restart it. Sometimes, the printer will not respond to your command because it encounters a runtime error. There are many reasons why runtime errors may occur. It is possible to fix the problem by restarting your computer. Stop print wizard and any other running programs. Send a new print job and restart the computer. If the error persists, run a printer troubleshooter. Click on Update & Security in Settings. Click on Troubleshoot to open Settings. Click on the Printer, then tap the Run button. This tool will check for any printer problems. Once the printer troubleshooter has been run, send a new print job to be scanned and then print your prints.

Set Canon printer Settings

If you make any incontinental changes to your printer settings, your printer will cease responding. Sometimes users make changes to printer settings and the printer stops responding. You will need to make the changes again in order to fix the problem. Check the settings on your Canon printer. You can reverse the changes made to the printer. Use the printer reset tool if you are unsure of the settings.

Set Canon printer to factory settings

  1. Go to the control panel of the Canon printer
  2. Select the Reset option
  3. Reset your computer to factory settings
  4. Hold the button down until the screen displays Hard Reset
  5. Click on Hard Reset

Wait until the screen of your printer displays a hard reset. You will need to reconfigure your printer to your computer after a hard reset. Then you can print the prints.

Check for Canon printer driver

If the printer cannot find the driver required, it will not communicate with the computer. Check your computer for the Canon printer driver. Visit the Canon printer website to download the driver if you do not have one. You can also check your printer driver to see if there is a new version. Install the update if it is available and then reconnect the Canon printer.

Reconnect your Canon printer

Verify the status of your Canon printer. If the status is offline, then you need to check for printer connection. Unexpectedly, the Canon printer connection can be interrupted. A faulty USB cable or USB port can cause a connection error. If your printer cable seems damaged, get a new USB cable. Use a high-speed cable to connect your printer. For your Canon printer, you should buy a high-speed USB Cable. You can use another port to connect your printer if the USB port appears loose. When the Wi-Fi connection isn’t working, errors will appear. Check the Wi-Fi lamp and restart the Wi-Fi button of the Canon printer. Once it locates the device/network, the lamp will blink. To connect the printer, select the SSID number of your network. Once the printer is connected, you can print from any device that is part of the same network.

Search for the firewall

Check for firewalls if your Canon printer has issues printing to the network. Sometimes printer connection errors can occur when the network has been firewall secured. Firewall inspects all traffic coming in and connections requests. Firewall may block any request it discovers as unknown. You will need to add the printer’s name to the Trusted Devices List in order to connect it. The firewall will accept your connection request after you have added the Canon printer. You can temporarily disable the firewall if the printer is not added to the Trusted devices list. Connect the printer to your network and print out the documents. Re-enable your firewall by disconnecting the printer

Power restart your Canon printer

When some printer services stop working, printers may show responding issues. Some services can become stuck when users send a new request. You must power-restart Canon printer services to resume them. Once the printer turns on, disconnect the power cable. After waiting 10 seconds, reconnect the power cable. All Canon services will start from the beginning after the power restart. Connect the printer to your computer/network, and print out the documents.

Ink check on the cartridge

The printer will display a low ink error if the ink level is low. Sometimes, however, the printer might not display an ink warning message. This happens when the ink inside a cartridge becomes dry after a few months. Either replace the cartridge or add some solvent to it. Replace the empty cartridge. Clone or compatible cartridges may cause problems. You should use the original cartridge in your printer. The original cartridge can be refilled with ink. Refill the ink with good quality ink. Reinstall the cartridge carefully and inspect for any errors.

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Install the cartridge

If the cartridge is not found, the Canon printer will not respond. Check the cartridges in your Canon printer. Uninstall any cartridge that is showing errors. Verify that the contacts and pins are not damaged. Take out any dust and then re-insert your cartridge. Check for any protective tape if you are replacing a cartridge. Before installing the cartridge, remove the protective tape. Check for any errors after inserting the cartridge into the printer. If you use a refilled cartridge, the printer may have issues. Refill cartridges in the correct slot and remove all cartridges. It is now time to remove the cartridges and install them in the correct order. The printer will recognize refilled cartridges as well as other cartridges.

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