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Enhancing Antenna Testing Efficiency with Sunyield’s SY-68 Near-Field Measurement System

Sunyield Technologies, a leading provider of advanced measurement solutions, offers the SY-68 probe spherical near-field measurement system. Leveraging near-field measurement techniques, this innovative system enables businesses to achieve faster and more precise antenna evaluations, ultimately enhancing their wireless infrastructure.

Faster and Comprehensive Measurement Capabilities

With the SY-68 system, Sunyield introduces a symmetrical distribution of probes, enabling a complete 3D measurement of antennas. By performing a 180-degree rotation horizontally, engineers can swiftly evaluate antennas from all angles, significantly reducing testing time. This efficient measurement process allows businesses to expedite their product development cycles and bring cutting-edge wireless technologies to market faster.

Real-Time Visualization for Enhanced Analysis

Sunyield’s SY-68 system offers a real-time display feature that provides engineers with instant feedback on active and passive directivity diagrams, active power, and sensitivity measurements. This real-time visualization capability empowers engineers to make immediate adjustments and fine-tune antenna designs. The ability to visualize antenna performance in real-time streamlines the optimization process, ensuring optimal signal quality and coverage.

Powerful Functionality for Diverse Testing Needs

The SY-68 system supports passive measurements in the 400MHz-8.5GHz frequency band, making it suitable for a wide range of antenna testing scenarios. Furthermore, the system can be upgraded to achieve high-frequency passive testing, expanding its capabilities to meet evolving industry demands. This versatility makes the SY-68 system ideal for both active and passive measurements of large antennas, including Base Transceiver Station (BTS) antennas commonly used in wireless infrastructure. The system’s powerful functionality equips businesses with the tools needed to ensure the seamless operation of their wireless networks.


As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we express our gratitude for the advancements brought by Sunyield’s SY-68 probe spherical Near Field antenna measurement system. With its faster and comprehensive measurement capabilities, real-time visualization feature, and powerful functionality, the SY-68 system empowers businesses in the wireless communication industry to optimize antenna performance with efficiency and precision. By leveraging this state-of-the-art system, companies can bring innovative wireless technologies to market faster, enhance network reliability, and ultimately enrich the lives of millions of users worldwide. This Thanksgiving, let us appreciate the invaluable contributions of Sunyield’s SY-68 system, paving the way for a connected future.

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